Assistive Technology

Devices & Assistive Tools are the essential components for achieving the Goals set for the Severely/Moderately/Mildly affected C.P. Children/Adolescents. These are designed and used according to the Potential of every individual child.
Initial devices to facilitate the C.P. child
Therapeutic position in class room1-minSitting arrangement with Special chair to improve the quality of posture                               
Accessories to improve Postural Alignment    
3-minWheelchairs with various adaptive accessories as per the need of the child  4-minTo facilitate Mobility on different surfaces. 000-minUse of Kaye Walker for independence.6-minGym with adaptive equipment to enhance Muscular strength12-minScooty Board for Sensory Stimulation                                                           15-min  Orthotic Appliances to inhibit contractures16-min Tools to facilitate independent feeding.20-minTo facilitate ADL activities with dynamic adaptive devices26-minTo facilitate ADL activities with adaptive equipment
Toilet training/ Safety first                                                                   35-minAdaption in chair for sensory integration.    40-minHammock: For sensory integration with enjoyment45-minComputer Lab with adaptive equipment.
50-minSpecial safety belts during traveling.60-min