As a result of the traumatic experience that Dr. Ruby Abbasi suffered when her youngest son Bilal fell victim to post Viral Encephalitis Cerebral Palsy, as a toddler at the age of 2.5 years, a humble beginning of a Treatment Centre from a two roomed rented premises in PECHS Karachi in 1985 was made after she returned from London UK in 1984, being trained in BOBATH Techniques. Bilal remained wheel chair bound till the end of his life (November 29th 2005).
The non-profit making NGO was later formed by her in 1989 along with her husband (Late) Dr. Major (retd) Anwer Ahmed, other affected Parents, Doctors, Physical Therapists and eminent Social Workers. (Late Mrs Aban Jamall being one of them). ALUMEED REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION (AURA) for Cerebral Palsy is registered with the Social Welfare Directorate Sindh  vide Regd No. DSW (425)-K has a Tax Exemption Status # u/s 2(36)(c) and is eligible for Donations whether individual or corporate. Donations could be for the Child Sponsorship Scheme/General/Zakat/in Kind. It is also registered with PCP ( Pakistan Center for Philanthropy)  vide registration no. PCP-2015/366.
For details go to Support https://alumeed.wordpress.com/ways-to-give/
Dr. Ruby Abbasi was awarded Tamgha e Imtiaz from Government of Pakistan in the year 2000 for converting her personal tragedy into solace for many other Parents of Differently Able C.P. Children.