Life history of (late) Mrs. Aban Jamall Ex-Chairperson

Mrs. Aban Jamall was born to Cyrus and Mehra Minwala on 3rd July 1937. She was one of six children. As a young person she already knew that her role was to be one of service and love.  She was studying in England to become a physio-therapist, when at the age of twenty-one she married Aziz Jamall. Together they raised their five children.
Aban’s great passion in life was the Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Association that runs a center for children with cerebral palsy. She co-founded the center with Dr. Ruby Abbasi. While Aban could be labeled a social worker, she was much more than that. In an official capacity she worked to introduce the Special Olympics in Pakistan, well before it became a fashionable cause to support. She was on the board of multiple charitable institutions and  supported many others including SIUT and the Kidney Centre.Later in her life she worked tirelessly to create the first Speech and Language therapy center in Pakistan which is part of the Ziauddin Hospital.
However, those are not the things she will be remembered for. She actually devoted her day to day life towards helping people, some whom she barely new.Even as her health deteriorated every Sunday was reserved for visiting  friends, relatives and her many  “adopted” sons and daughters. In fact anyone who needed encouragement, advice or just a smile.
Aban Jamall was a great soul who lived life on her own terms. She did a multitude of things to help many people. Nobody heard of or knew about any of these many kindnesses. It is for this and so much more that  people remember her and are grateful to God for bringing Aban into their lives, until she left for her eternal abode on 17th July 2016.