JULY 2016 –DECEMBER 2016

  • JULY 1st: AURA Center for Cerebral Palsy has officially a CEO in place of an Administrator.
  • JULY 17th: Sad day for AURA. Unreplaceable Loss of our beloved Chairperson Mrs Aban Jamall.
  • JULY 27th: Inclusive Education Program declared as compulsory component of Rehabilitation Services @ AURA Center.
  • AUGUST 1st: End of Summer Vacations. Door step to door step Pick & Drop service was severely affected due to absconded newly hired 3 Drivers. Only 4 Routes could be managed with 4 of our loyal and dedicated Drivers.Lesser number of Children could avail the Therapy & Rehabilitation program including Special Education/Inclusive Education.
  • Additional services introduced and implemented besides the ones already being offered.
  • SEPTEMBER: Approval of the proposed Budget 2016-17 by the Board of AURA. Revised Salary structure led to fresh hiring against a number of Vacancies, especially Drivers.All
  • Tax Exemption Certificate renewed.
  • OCTOBER: 2 New Bolan Vans purchased and registered as first step of the process of replacing old ones. All seven routes for Pick & Service revived.
  • Pending Corporate Donations received from PSO, Pak KuwaitInvestment Co, Dawood Engineering Trust, UPS SCS Pak, USA based I-Care foundation.the American School of Karachi (Furniture & miscellaneous class room requirements for the Inclusive Education Program)
  • Aban Jamall Endowment Fund set up with seed money donated by Late Mrs Jamall (ex- Chairperson) and Dr Amir Ali Shoro (ex-Vice President).
  • NOVEMBER: Annual Accounts for the year 2015-16 successfully audited and submitted at the 125th Board Meeting. MunafYousuf& Co, proposed to continue as AURA’s Auditors for the next fiscal year.
  • Additional CCTV Cameras installed at strategic points for Security/ Services Monitoring purpose.
  • The routine Rehabilitation program continued inspite of less number of working days. This was due to Security reasons as well as Unpredictable and unannounced closure of roads due to VIP Movement/religious gatherings.
  • There were only two Field trips for the children. However, they got to celebrate and enjoy many important days such as the Independence Day, Children Universal day, Day of the Disabled people, and Sports day.
  • Two days Training/Observation sessions were held by a trainer from M.A.T.P program of Special Olympics of Pakistan.
  • A team of three young people visited AURA, to evaluate our Children for a new program being introduced by SOP. AURA has now been identified for the Pilot project of ‘Young Athletes’ ofSpecial Olympics in Karachi.
  • MARTHA popularly known as ASHA Khala, AURA’s most dedicated & loyal female Attendant, completed her 25 years of continuous service at AURA (8th November 1991-2016). Her Silver Jubilee was celebrated by all the Staff and Children on Friday 4th Ms Abida Memon represented AURA Board and presented her with the Shield of Commemoration and an envelope with Prize Bonds worth Rs 15000.00. Rest of the staff and children also presented her with gifts and cards.
  • DECEMBER:The First Term came to an end with Children proceeding for the Winter break from 15th December to 1st January 2017. The center will reopen on 2nd January 2017.
  • PARENT/STAFF MEETING was held on 17th December for the Rehabilitation Services and on 20th December for the Inclusive education program, in an organized manner. The misconception about the status of Services offered at AURA Center was removed as the Parents seemed more focused on the Academic side rather than the general improvement of their child. On the other hand, there were few who insisted on wanting to know as to ‘When will the child start walking”! Parent counselling was done by Dr Ruby Abbasi TI being a Parent/Grandmother herself.
  • 26th AGM, (Annual General Body Meeting) was held on December 24th Mrs Rasheeda Naviwala (acting chairperson) was confirmed as PRESIDENT while Mrs Munizeh Ali Habib was unanimously confirmed as Vice President. Ms Naila A Jamall & Mr Feroze Jamall were welcomed back as Board members to complete the required number according to the Constitution of AURA.
  • Amendments proposed to the Constitution were unanimously approved. The GS & Treasurer will be submitting it for further action, to the Directorate of Social Welfare, Karachi. Province of Sindh.

                                                                  JANUARY 2017-MAY 2017

  • JANUARY: CDP chapter closed finally and 5% bank security deposit credited in AURA account at HMB University road branch, Karachi.
  • (Late) Mrs Serene Mooraj’s first Death Anniversary was observed by AURA staff on Friday January 6th. One of the most punctual and dedicated Board Member, she was remembered by every one for these qualities and more. Fateha & Dua was offered for her. May she be RIP in the highest place in Jannah. Ameen.
  • New Ramzan & Eid greeting cards were printed and sent by courier/email/personally to registered/potential new Donors. Mobile Bank Alert system has been linked to AURA official /Treasurer’s numbers to monitor. Response might improve closer to month of Sha’aban.
  • Completed ‘Request for Donation’ forms have been submitted to Rangoonwala Trust (Aban Jamall Endowment fund) and INFAQ foundation (Annual Donation for Maintenance of AURA Services). Request for Donation in Kind (Equipment) has been sent to British Women Association as well.
  • Another Three Suzuki Bolan Vans sold to be replaced by Two New ones shortly.
  • FEBRUARY: The children partook in a number of activities in this quarter:
  • Special Olympics Unified Marathon race was held on 5th February in which 5 of our children participated. One got a medal for being in the top 30.
  • The Annual picnic on 7th February at the Alliance Francaise was enjoyed by the children and their care giver. We are grateful for them for arranging this every year for our children.
  • On 25th February AURA children participated in each of the four categories at the high profile‘3rdAbility Expo 2017’. Their tableau won the 3rd prize out of more than 30 participating schools/special centers from all over Karachi and other cities of the province. At the M.A.T.P. and Young Athletes event AURA children were placed at the top of the winning list.
  • On 28th February AURA children and their trainers were invited to attend the Young Athletes Ribbon day where the children were awarded ribbons for future training workshops to be held by SOP.
  • AURA children participated in the TOYOTA Car of Future (SPACE) ART Competition. 12 of our paintings were shortlisted and 2 children won prizes.
  • MARCH: After the distraction of hectic extracurricular activities in the previous month, routine day to day work was paid full attention.
  • Appointments for the First Assessment were regularly given for each Friday. As a result, number of New Admissions were given as well as appropriate referrals were made to other centers/special schools.
  • Three of AURA’s regular staff members got married. One senior Teacher went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Congratulations and best wishes to all.
  • Pakistan Day was celebrated on 23rd March by AURA Children with same fervor and spirit of patriotism as the rest of the country.